Your voice is needed now to preserve marriage

UPDATE: The Coalition has decided to vote as one to preserve marriage.

Please email the Coalition today to thank them for making this important stand for marriage.
A cross-party group of MPs are planning to introduce a bill to redefine marriage.

This will be the first time a Liberal MP has sponsored a same-sex marriage bill. It is intended to put pressure on Tony Abott and the government to change their long-held position on marriage.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, voluntarily entered into for life.

It provides a natural, timeless and sustainable foundation for our society.

Marriage secures a better future for society by providing the best environment for raising society's next generation.

Redefining marriage would redefine family.

By definition same-sex parenting means intentionally removing a child from either their mum or dad.

Experience overseas has demonstrated that people who disagree with same-sex marriage are often punished by law.

Please email your MP today and ask them to vote against Bill Shorten’s same-sex marriage bill.

Email your MP and Senators today

So far, 45,164 people have made a stand to preserve marriage.

Step 1: Find your electorate

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